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Born in Bergen on January 27, 1992, Isabelle Pedersen began her athletics career aged 10 after growing up as a gymnast. During her childhood, she fell in love with the 100m hurdles as well as the Long Jump and Triple Jump. By age 15 she was already competing at both Norwegian Junior and Senior nationals and managed to come away with a silver and bronze. This led to a brief stint as a multi-event athlete. 

In 2008, as a 16-year-old, Pedersen ran her first 100m hurdle race and came away with a new national junior record that also qualified her for World Junior Championship. One year later after moving away from the multi-event and dedicating herself to the hurdles, Pedersen Won the World Youth Championships in Bressanone, Italy with the 3rd fastest time ever in that catagory. A short week after her success in Italy, Isabelle took a silver medal at the European U-20 Championships which cemented her as a phenom in her discipline. 

In 2010 after a fairly average year, Pedersen was sent to Moncton, Canada to compete at the World U-20 Championships. She entered the competition with a poor ranking, but after a series of stunning performances, she walked away with another Gold medal and a massive new National Junior Record. 

2011 brought more success with another silver medal at her second European U-20 Championships. Two years later, Pedersen finished out her Junior Career in Tampere, Finland with another winning performance to clinch the European U-23 title. 

After hitting the senior ranks, Pedersen has continued to search for excellence. After a sub-par 2014, she shocked many by placing 9th in her second Senior World Championships in Beijing in 2015. One year later she nearly equalled that feat with a 10th place finish at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. 

Away from the track, Pedersen is an avid traveller and writer. She goes to great lengths to explore the world around her and include her tight knit group of friends and family in her adventures. One can often expect to find her with notebook and pen in hand detailing her experiences and feelings in each of her many stops each year. 




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"Give back in some way. Always be thoughtful of others."
Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Hurdle School

Isabelle Pedersen’s Hurdle School is an annually held project designed to develop the next generation of Norwegian hurdling talent. Run by Isabelle and her team, accepted applicants to the Hurdle School participate in a day-long program that includes the following modules:

  • Hurdle-specific technical work with a small group
  • Hurdling technical theory
  • Strength and conditioning theory
  • diet seminar
  • physiotherapy seminar


Photographic content provided by:

Thomas Van der plaetsen – @vanderplaetsen

Dan Vernon – @danvernonphoto 

Mario Bassani – @marioandrebassani